Maintaining a house can be more fun if you make everyone do their part in keeping the house clean. The progress can be slow at the beginning since everyone else might be new to the process of cleaning. If you want to help them remember certain steps to ensure that they clean certain parts of the house well, then you can try putting post-it with reminders on how they should be cleaning things. One of the most sensitive things that your family can clean will be a carpet; there are certain ways and materials you have to use to keep it clean.  

We want to focus on carpet cleaning, and help you build a system on how you can best clean your rug which you can pass down the knowledge to your other family members. The cleaning process doesn’t have a high level of difficulty, but it will require some time invested and focus on doing the job well.  


The first step is vacuuming the carpet, to remove all the crumbs, dirt, and maybe pests that may be living inside the fabric. But before you start the vacuum cleaner, one tip you can do is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Make sure that it gets deep within the strands of the carpet because the baking soda will help neutralize any bad odors it may be present. After you have applied the baking soda, you can proceed with vacuuming the carpet. Make sure that you go through every inch of the carpet twice or thrice, to ensure nothing is left in the carpet. While you are vacuuming the carpet, try to have a keen eye and search for any stains so you can act quickly to remove it right away. If you there are stains, make sure you get a clean white towel, vinegar, and baking soda to eliminate these unwanted marks magically. 

Carpet Cleaning Solution 

Make a simple solution by mixing the vinegar and baking soda, then pour some on the towel and then dab the stained area of the carpet. You will notice that the marks will slowly transfer to the clean towel, keep repeating it until it is completely gone. You can end this by slightly ironing the stained area, to make sure it is clean and stain free.  You can also establish some rules to make cleaning easier for yourself. One rule that will make a difference will be making sure that your kids or anyone should not step on the carpet with their shoes. 

Another is to try and avoid pets staying on top of the carpet because they do tend to attract a lot of ticks. Ticks can easily be transferred to your rug, and this spell disaster and danger for the health of your family. Hopefully, these tips and rules will help control the cleanliness of your carpet. Sharing this information with your family members might incline to make more of an effort to keep everything clean and in order. Also, it’s best that you contact a professional for all your carpet cleaning needs and rug cleaning Norwalk CT.