Business or personal computers connected in a peer to peer style may work well when the number of networked users ranges from two up to three. You must consider setting a server up to serve all your online business needs if the number of users surpass the said range.  

Server Based Network 

A server based network has few advantages that are personalized for small businesses. Here are some of them: 


Each business wants to place their foundations on a reliable ground. A server is a total must for you if that is your thing. Why? Well here is the reason. 

For instance, you have 3 working computers on an interconnected network connection. The whole system would go down if 1 computer fails (on basis of any power supply, hard disk, or motherboard faults). The system could only come back if the issues are successfully diagnosed with correct solutions.  

On the other hand, a server is a great answer to such a severe problem. Server hardware maintains a superfluous hardware to undertake these problems at the moment’s notice.  

In this condition, the failure of 1 computer does not guarantee the failure of the whole system. Therefore, it could stay to serve your business with complete pleasure, even after the failure of one device.  

Network Security 

This could be considered one of the most significant and best advantages of a server. Individual right could be allocated to users based on the amount and nature of data they could access on basis of their necessities by creating individual accounts and distinguished group. 

This could take down unauthorized access to data to a huge degree and could offer your network with extra security that you had desired for the past several years. 

Remote Accessibility 

By default, a Windows 2008 server will offer you the choice to have two remote users on the network at the same time. Aside from that, it offers the chance to add as many remote workers you like in the future using a 3rd party software or remote desktop licensing. 

Therefore, geographical obstructions will not be an issue anymore. Your employees would be able to remotely work and access files on the server whenever they need to, wherever they are.  

In addition to all of that, they will also be capable of accessing their individual firm emails from any web browser on their individual devices anywhere in the world whenever they want.  

Centralized Back up Facility 

Data losses commonly happen in workplaces for some reasons. This ranges from carelessness to machine failures. These things generate big problems especially when the business operates in the absence of a server.  

A server could be considered a great thing in this field since it helps a lot in smoothing up the process of data backup. You would be capable of backing up every data to a central storage on the server.  

Security is significant to a business. That is why protecting your server is a must. Luckily, small business IT support Columbus offers the security that your business needs.